How do you auto update an app?

Hello guys, I did not published an app on Google Play until now so my question may be stupid... is there a standard way to automatically check if an app is updated on the store? Or do I have to provide a solution by my own? My idea is that the app at every start up checks if there is a newer version on the store and then inform the user if he wants to update. Until now, I implemented this feature on some apps but my customer did not pubblished the app(s) on the Google Play Store.

Perhaps there is an extension for this. Look in the Taifun extension directory. AppInventor has no built-in solution for this.

OK, thanks. I did not mean if AI2 has a built-in solution, just if there is a standard to follow (or an API) "imposed" by Google Play and/or others. Good to know that exists an extension.

Basically, an update is automatically announced in the Play Store (so those who already have the app will be notified when a new update is available in the Play Store). However, the user can also disable this feature.

I read somewhere in the community about such a solution. Not sure if it wasn't a paid extension from Jewel.

So it is an automatic feature of the Google Play Store. OK, good to know.

In this case the app to work needs also .some data (basically a zip file containing a DB and some multimedia files) that has to be downloaded using the app after the user installs the app of course. The archive is prepared by the end customer so different customers will have different archives. Is it also possible to publish them in the Google Play Store? I can not guarantee that the size of the archive(s) may be always below the 50MB limit.