How do you adjust collision on mit app inventor

I was trying to make a zombie, but the collision box on the main player is so absurdly big and even bigger than the actual character itself. Im trying to minimize the collision box. Is there a way to manually adjust your sprite collision


The only thing I can think of is to try keeping the Sprite image as rectangular as possible. Outside of we-do-it-for-you programming languages like App Inventor, you would define your own collision boundary - still simple shapes but when necessary, more than one.

I wonder if an option in AI2 to switch off it's boundary checking would allow the AI2 developer (or an extension developer) to define their own collision system...... Maybe, but AI2 is also a little bit on the slow side. Ultimately, if it just does not do what you need, you need to switch to a text-based language such as Java or Kotlin, using the Android Studio IDE.

.... one possibility would be to make your main player from two or three sprites and move them together - that should result in tighter boundaries (and more grey hair).

All sprites are rectangular (or square) images. If you have a character in the ImageSprite that has a transparent background; the sprites 'boundary' is not the character, but the rectangular part.

Here is an illustration of two sprites and a 'collision boundary' problem. Both images have a rectangular size but the cirle and arc are smaller than the sprite dimensions. The image shows the boundaries of the sprite. These are the 'surfaces' which determine where a collision occurs; not the colored image part of the sprite.

The red and the green ImageSprites are actually rectangular objects . They appear round because the background of the sprite is set to transparent).

The ball will hit the red sprite before it can impact the green sprite in this example.


You probably need to crop your zombie image (which you did not share with us :frowning: ) to as close to the picture of the image is possible and decrease the sprite rectangular dimensions. decrease the size of your 'collision' block and crop the character block so that it boundaries are at the edges of the sprites.