How do you add two email accounts to a same app project?

Hi! This is urgent. HOW DO YOU add two email accounts to a same app project? so two people can work on a project simultaneously

Be patient.

Or even better, search the forum as this question has been answered before.

Umm, can you share the link to me please? I have looked on the forum, and do not see anything.

Welcome Hobi.

Two people cannot presently share and work on the same project simultaneously in live development.

Two people can work with Project files from the same Project ( ) without sharing the same active Project simultaneously. The link points to discussions about the different ways several people can work on the same Project using either the code.appinventor... server or sharing and exchanging a common aia file or using the Project Merger tool or other options. Read the links to learn more.

Does this information help you?

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A tool like TeamViewer can be used to let other team members remotely look over the shoulder of whoever is working on the project.

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