How do you add space between words when using the "join" block?

I am developing an App for emergency situations and inside it there is a function to send an SMS message to a previously saved contact. The problem I'm facing is that when using the "join" block from the text section, I noticed that there is simply no space in between the words, even if I add a space as a string. Can anyone help me? Please take a look at my blocks for a better understanding.

In the SMS App, it shows like this:

Try witth html space &nbsp

But should I just write "& nbsp;" (ignore the space) in the text blocks? I've done with and without the semicolon but it doesn't seem to work.

It looks like you added an empty text block..
As you can see, spaces work fine in "I am in:"... you also can add the spaces directly into the text like " I am in " without using extra text blocks...


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So where exactly is the problem to do it as suggested?


Oops, you're right! I misunderstood your message. Thanks for the help, Taifun!

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