How do you add an image to the Screen...'About this app' HTML?

I can add an <img tag, but do not know how to store the image file so it can be reached and displayed withbthe text..
Is there a way?

Not sure that an image is possible in the About Screen

I do not know
But you could try with a remote image first to avoid file access issues...

For example

Let us know, what you find out...


I tried a remote image, just returns a little blue square.

Yes, that's what i got.
I found this advice, went through it, got a large one-line text file, added it to the
HTML file as recommended. added the file to the About box in the Appinventor

and did a datauri image work ?

No, the file displayed OK, except I got a little empty frame at the location of the image in the file , just like you, when I selected the About button
When I opened the HTML file directly in a browser, the image appeared in its expected position ok!
So the technique, although long winded, works.