How do we get IP ADDRESS of network to whom our mobile is connected?

Is there any way to get IP ADDRESS of the network to whom our mobile is connected? By using blocks of App Inventor.

Please give answers. It's very important to know IP address for further communication with device.

Actually I want to communicate with ESP8266 which is running as SoftAP (access point), for that I want IP address of that SoftAP to communicate with it using URL's like http://IP_ADDRESS/request.

Try this?


Wait...that code is wrong. Add a call Web1. Get block after set Web1. Url!

Ya, I already guessed that. Thanks.

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It requires internet connection ! Without internet how to get the same?

Of course, the Web component needs internet connection.

Did you try my extension?

Use the GetIpAddress block.

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Try Taifun's Wifi extension, there is a block to get your local IP