How do we create Circular Slider?

How do we create Circular Slider

See this tutorial - Circular slider procedure (without sprites)


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Thank you @Aquib_Khan

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Your welcome !!

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@Aquib_Khan that creates Circular Slider in canvas Is possible to create in an arrangement

A circular slider inside an arrangement is a component. If you don't have that in the components palette then you need to find an extension for that. Search the forum for "circular slider extension".

There is no any extension

There are some, but may be not in the App Inventor forum. Try Google then.

I have tried you also try once

must try harder!!! (not sure where the link is for this one...)

Actually these all are proggrees I want slider

true .... :wink: could be you will have to go old school and use some real blocks and logic, instead of always just using an extension......

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That is not possible
We use extension if any thing is not possible

But a circular slider is possible without an extension. So what you say is wrong.

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Seems you didn't read/try the solution provided by @Italo which you accepted as a solution - no extension, procedures, blocks and logic

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There is also a javascript circular slider

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