How do print out Tag name out in the error message

In [When click do ] to this I attach call FIrebaseDB1.GetValue. This has to plugins tag and valueIfTagNoThere. I want to print an error if there is no stored value and the Tag name too. How can I do it. It is very simple but nowhere could I get an answer for it. Thanks


Use the Firebase GotValue block to get the value

Are you asking how to prevent blanks entries from being sent into FireBase?

Use an if/then test to complain if the UseName.Text is empty or the SavedData.Text is empty,
otherwise do the FireBase StoreValue.

Thanks TIMA12 I had that working like this:

What I was hoping was a plugin to valueIfTagNotThere which would be like if(valueIfTagNotThere) then Print Tag name and an error message. I was looking if that kind of block is there.

Thanks ABG this is a good thought. I will add this feature too.