How do I view this app on APP Inventor?

I was given a folder for an app by someone and am unsure how to open it. i tried extracting it but there is no AIA file inside.

The .aia file may look like a folder, but is the file that you import at the AI2 web site

If I go projects and import projects, it does not let me import the folder. is there another way its meant to be done?

Where do you get this .aia file from?

Try renaming it with .aia as the extension instead of .zip

If that does not work, reassemble the folder using 7zip and call it a .aia file

Renaming does not change the file from a zip to an AIA; it just changes the name.

I will try the other method

How to Load an aia File into the App Inventor Designer from your PC Desktop by SteveJG

This example assumes an aia file called BlindMice is located on your PC desktop. You want to place your downloaded aia file on your Desktop.

You use the App Inventor Designer to view your downloaded aia. In the App Inventor Designer, go to the Projects tab , Select Import project (aia) from my computer


This screen appears.


Select Choose File


Your Desktop files appear. Double click on Your aia. This example uses BlindMice.aia. .

This screen with your aia file name instead of he example BlindMice.aia will appear.


Press OK and your aia will load into the Designer . You should now see the screen of the app you just loaded..

Does that work @Chickenmilks ?

What about renaming that zip file into aia?


Go to Properties (right-click menu) and change the extension format from .zip to .aia