How do I use TinyDB (feat. namespace)?

I have to solve it using Tiny DB.

To explain the game, if you log in from the first screen, you will go to the mole game screen. The game is played with a logged-in ID and the number of moles that caught the mole is saved. So if you go out and come back in and log in with the same ID, the mole number that you catch after coming over to the game screen appears on NOTIFIER.

I heard that I have to use TinyDB's name space, how should I use it? And can I not use namespace?

You can do this several different ways in TinyDB.

(I assume different players share the same device for this problem.)

NameSpaces are good for cases where you need to reuse the same tags for different purposes. In this sample, a Fruit stand keeps its fruit prices in one namespace (Prices), using the fruit name as a tag. For the current customer, the quantity of each fruit type being bought might be kept in another namespace (purchases), under the same tags to match up the prices and quantities.

Another, different approach, would be to use the text JOIN block to build up tags with the player name and what is being looked up, like

  • score/ABG
  • score/111373

In this case, you only need one Namespace, because the tags are all different.
Sample app:

For simplicity, don't mix the two approaches.

i'm sorry.. i don't understand..
I need a code to understand.
Can you tell me the code?

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Can I send it by e-mail instead of here?
Please leave an email if you don't mind!

sorry, I do not do private lessons.

Sticking to this board lets me use my time efficiently and lets me make reusable answers to common questions.

I asked for an e-mail because the code was too large.
Thank you for your answer!!

If your .aia is too large to upload here, it might be for several reasons:

  • Too many and too big files in Media Folder
  • Too many blocks in too many Screens.

How big is your .aia file, and if you look in the assets subfolder using 7zip, how big is the assets subdirectory?