How do I use notifier YES/ CANCEL?

MY Result:

I cant see ListView when I click YES notifier

In your notifier you call URLScript


with your Button you call URLSheet


Thank you!
you were rigth I must use URL sheet instead URLscript

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When I did this it's Editing but not updating List please help

How about setting your Listview elements to the new list ?

When I click LIST button it's displaying LIST.
Even when I click Edit Button it's editing to Gsheet but NOT refreshing List directly

You need to sort out your program flow. it is not good practice to call the same url twice in the same event. call the first time in the event, then call the second time in the web.gottext event.

notifier   web.edit       web.edit.gottext         web.list     web.list.gottext  set listview   
ACTION >> edit gsheet >> response >> ACTION >> get updated gsheet >> response >> listview

When I did this it's showing list


But I when I'm trying this it's editing but not displaying:

I believe this is the flow you require (obviously I have omitted some blocks...):

Thank you so much it's working



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