How do I use Google Fonts icons in MIT App inventor without downloading image?

I want to use the Google Fonts Icons in my app without downloading the image like possible in Kodular. Is it possible to do it by using MyFonts Extension or something like that! Thanks in Advance. :pray:t2:

What about trying it out:



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With which font?

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Can you please send me the link to the font? :pray:t2:

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you can find almost all at

How about doing a search yourself?


MaterialIcons.ttf is not available in Google Fonts

Thank You I got the the file from the link by @dora_poz

Thanks @Anke, @dora_paz and @Know_about_IT
:sweat_smile: Well I am also confused which answer to mark as solution!

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Next time please search for yourself beforehand.

it is if u do some image

Well, first I googled that my self only but was unable to download the .ttf file that's why I asked it here.

I was talking about the Material icon font not icons.

Well, maybe u missed : image

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