How do I use Dall-e for editing an image?

Hi, has anyone here tried dall-e and edit image?

I see more people doing text2image. But I can't find anyone who has made a working demo where a picture taken in app inventor is transformed via dall-e's edit function. (OpenAI API)

I have tried countless different options but they all end up not working.

I want to be able to take a profile picture of a person with the cam-function, adjust the picture with Dall-e and get the picture returned as a png.

It seems almost impossible?

Any hints?

Br. Teddy

dall-e ?

can't see a reference to this from your link?

The image functions appear to require a multipart upload, which the web component cannot do, so you may be out of luck.

Thanks, @TIMAI2
You may be on to something :frowning: I found this (Kodular) link regarding the same (also from you). Build a request for a WEB-API to upload photos #need help - #20 by TimAi2 - Discuss - Kodular Community

Is it possible to write an extension to handle the request? or do I need to find another service provider?

If you have curl installed/accessible on your device, you could try @Juan_Antonio 's Terminal extension, and run the curl commands as shown on the page ?

Other than that, and extension would need to be written to provide for a multipart upload.

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here is a tuto how to dall-E in app inventor

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Also, with some suitable html/javascript, you could apply this extension to a webviewer, which will allow for a multipart upload.

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Hello everyone,

I have developed DALL-E extension for MIT App Inventor and Kodular, which allows you to generate creative and unique images using artificial intelligence. This extension also helps you to create different image variations.

Documentatation and the extension file can be found here:

Best Regards,


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The MIT team is currently working on the capability to import APIs. Will need much more thorough testing before we release it in the production server, but when released you will able to play around with Dall-E in App Inventor as it is also called from an API

Looking forward for that! Will be a great capability!
Thanks for your great work :innocent: