How do I use custom text editing access?

I want to add a feature to the window that opens when we select a word or phrase. For example, if there is a google translator app, we can select and translate text. I want to perform another function with my own application, as in the example.

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Do you want to select the text in your app or in some other app?

Thank you for reading it. I want to use this feature outside my app.

you, can't do tht

IThank you for your answer. I just wanted to do what I didn't do on the keyboard here. Can you explain to me why I can't do this? :frowning:

because I see the code, and the code can only do that in your app, so the code can't work outside of your app

But the google translation app is able to translate outside the app. How is that possible? Let me give you another example: the stylish text app can control the text format from the same place.

Maybe my knowledge is not enough :sweat_smile:

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I'm trying to do that, it may take a day or 2 (or 5, who knows). However, I can't assure you that it will work.

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Maybe these two extensions can help you with your desired activity.


Thank you very much. I'm going to take this.

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I found this...
Custom Text Selection with ACTION_PROCESS_TEXT

and this tutorial...

Maybe some advanced user might be able to help.

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I have a crazy idea:

  1. Build the APK (with MIT AI2)
  2. Decompile the APK
  3. Edit the required files (Manifest, etc.)
  4. Recompile the edited files back in APK

I have NO idea if this is possible/legal/practical !

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Thanks. I need to know how to code to do what's in the connection. All I know is ai2. It's also a good idea to compile apks, I downloaded apps for it from the play store but I don't know what changes it will lead to in changing any value. I tried to install the android gingerbread original launcher on my phone. The application had the same package name as the normal launcher or did not work for any other reason. The other thing I tried was to remove or change everything from my app that was related to ai2, to make it look completely mine. Like I said, I couldn't do anything because I didn't know how to use it.