How do I use api data get YouTube video list?

I want to use the YouTube API to create a dynamic video playlist. Referring to this article, how can I use ColinTreeListView to implement it?
Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView * · Appinventor/Thunkable Extensions
Youtube API Guide - Guides - Kodular Community

and If I want to display videos from the playlist
how can i change the url
also search this youtube api extension but still figure how to use
[Free] Youtube API Extension : Get Everything by API 🥳 - Extensions - Kodular Community
I'm still a beginner and hope someone can demonstrate

I have successfully displayed image using the YouTube API, but unfortunately, I exhausted the quota during testing.
How to streamline and improve?
how to Implement a caching mechanism to reduce redundant requests for the same data

and after element click how to show video?