How do I use a list picker?

I am working on a game where I have to catch a monster and when it gets caught, its name should be on a listpicker and I am not sure how to do that.

maybe this tutorial can help you

Is your monster a Sprite on a Canvas?
If so, are there more than one type of monster running around on the Canvas?

Yes and no, they show up one at a time

If your monsters show up only one at a time, you can reuse the same sprMonster sprite component with different Picture files, depending on the current monster type.

For simplicity, you could rename the Picture files so that the part before the '.png' (assuming png types) is the name you want to show.

Using the split at . block on the Picture value (KingKong.png) should give you a list of 2 items, with item 1 the name.

Tell us more about this list picker.

Is this a list of the names of the monsters that have been caught so far?

Does it need to also hold how many times each monster has been caught, or is it okay to just show the monster names?

Once the monster name is known, do you need help adding its name to the Elements of the list picker?

Do you need the .Text of the list picker to change to show how many monsters have been caught so far?