How do I use a for loop in a range to compare items from a list? (converting python to ai2)

In a binary list of either 1s or 0s (success or not a success) I am trying to see the current streak for how many of the same item in a row is within a list. For example, if the last 3 attempts are all 0s, the current streak would be -3. If the last 4 attempts are 1s, the current streak would be 4. The working python code that I am trying to convert to MIT App Inventor is:

for number in range(1, len(mylist)):

if mylist[number] == mylist[number-1]:
    if current > 0:
        current += 1
    elif current < 0:
        current -= 1

    if current > 0:
        current = -1
    elif current < 0:
        current = 1

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There is a for each item in list block inbuilt, which will be helpful to you.

What is the [number]?

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I couldn't make your python code work, so I did this instead ...

Capture streaker.aia (4.4 KB) when btnClear Click

Since you only had 2 values (0,1) in your input stream, the 0s and 1s have their streak lengths in odd and even indices in the output list, depending on the value at the head of your input stream.

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