How do I update an item in a list in list?

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I created a list in list (so I can understand data update/entry in a DB style table structure with rows and columns).
I can add new row, but I am trying to figure out how I can update data in specific column.

Here's how my list in list look, this one has 3 rows and 2 columns.

I wanted to update 3rd row, 2nd column (the age of Oliver), my code reads the update from textbox1 and textbox2 and the following shows the outcome.

This is my blocks

For example, in SQL, we can specifically update a column via the following script:
update age set age = "13" where name = "Oliver";

and that will specifically update the column age

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How about using a Dictionary instead?
You can store the changeable age to the value, while setting the name to a fixed key.

You can update the value using this block:

The ploblem in your code is that you have a list of lists so selection index gives you
(Oliver 45) and in that list index for 45 is 2 . Using dictionaries is a good idea but here is how you can do it


@Mr_Hope here see this it works 100%




:file_folder:List_Edit.aia (3.0 KB)

It's very tacky; @dora_paz's method is way more reliable. Also, since we have no idea what OP is trying to achieve, it's better not to jump to conclusions.

Thanks @dora_paz that's it. I got the idea now from your illustration now.

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thanks @NishyanthKumar I didn't know about dictionary before, will look into it. thanks for your help!

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Thanks for the effort showing it! @Jinx!

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