How do i turn a .txt file into .aia?

accidentaly i opened an .aia file i exported from app inventor with the notes block, but now i cant turn it into an .aia tipe of file and cant import my project

Can you export a fresh copy?

Alternatively, upload the broken file here and we will see what we can do.

.aia(app inventor archive) file is a kind of zip file it's contains .scm file and .bky file for all screens present in your source code and some other files for project settings.

i think the problem is in my computer, it downloads turns every app inventor file into .txt, but here it is simd_VP.aia (167.0 KB)

Which browser are you using ?

im using chrome

If you were able to post the .aia file here, and I was able to download it and import it into AI2 successfully, the .aia file is okay.

Just don't go clicking on any .aia files. Instead ask AI2 to go looking for them and import them.

Be sure you have set your web browser to always ask where to download files.

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My niotron Admob extension Downloaded file turn to .aix.txt please help out

Try simply removing the .txt from the filename.