How do I track down the reason for the spontaneous restart of the application?

My application should work for eight hours, the screen is off. The fact is that after a few hours of operation, it restarts, respectively, all parameters are reset. How can I trace the cause?
P.s: at first I thought the problem was in my algorithms, but the application restarts even without any code execution.

We know nothing about your app, so we cannot advise you of anything specific.

It's great to know about this fact after 2 months of creating the application ..

I understand, but I only asked for a hint how I can find out the application execution log. I have a solution through crutches, but I would like to solve the reason for this reboot. The program is reloaded even without executing the code, only one block when initializing the first screen, which displays a message with the loading time.

probably logcat can help?


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