How do I tailor an app to match the device it is installed on?

An app that looks nice on a relatively large tablet screen, looks cramped on a phone screen. Conversely, text that is tailored to fit on a phone screen looks sparse and different on a tablet. Mainly because button, labels and text box text size that looks good on a tablet does not fit well onto similar phone componenets, and vice versa. Also colours on a phone palette look different on a tablet. Is there a way of producing a single app that senses which type it is in stalled on and responds accordingly, or must I write two seperate versions of an app to target each seperately?

You have to use the rosponsive size of your arrangement. So, for example, set the size of fonts, button widths, heights, etc. to a percentage of the screen width or height.

Thanks for our reply. That's a lot of work!. However, I will therefore need to be able to interrogate
the screen size/format of the device to which the app is downloaded in order to fine tune.
How is that carried out, if possible?

In the block group for the screen there are blocks that return the width and height of the screen.

Look at Sajal's Universal Screen Size tutorial.

What happens here depends on what Theme you set. You can make your app using the non-conventional Classic Theme and the colors will be what you set on all Androids. You can also indicate Sizing Fixed and the app will look on your Tablet like the app displays on a small cell phone.

If you set the Theme to Device Default, the device uses the color scheme Google decided appropriate for the particular Android version. Yes, Buttons, TextBoxes etc. display differently on various Android version when using the system Android displays (Device Default). That is by design of Google.

Many thanks for all of your replies. Much food for thought! Regards all.