How do I subtract seconds on timer when button is clicked?

Hi! I am coding a game for school and I can't figure out how to make it so that if they press the wrong button a few seconds will be subtracted from their time(clock). It's my first time actually coding using MIT app inventor so I would like some help please. Thank you!

usually you will have a global variable, which stores the remaining time
to subtract a few seconds just use the subtract block from the math drawer


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dont disturb the above blocks keep it as it is
blocks (4)
change the value if u need 5 second timer set 5 x 1000 =5000 and 10 min timer set 10 x 60 =600 seconds x 1000 =600000

if button 1 click it subracts 1 second if u need to subract 3 second set - 3000