How do I store an image in MIT App Inventor?

Hey, everyone! Hope you all are having a great day! I was making an app, where the user can customize their background. It was going well until I noticed that when the user logs out of the app and comes back in some other time, the background is not set to the background they have selected from an image picker. I am unsure on how to store an image in MIT App Inventor. Could you please help me? Thank you in advance! There are some images and an .aia file below.

MitAppInventorHelp.aia (2.0 KB)

The documentation TinyDB does not make it clear the only kind of data that can be stored is text. You cannot store png/jpg images in a TinyDB.

Do you know a way that I can store images without using TinyBB?

There are several ways you can store images Richael, but not on the device.

There is an exception; convert your image file into text using a Base 64 extension .

Otherwise use online storage You will need to provide a link to where the image is stored (perhaps GoogleDrive) or use the MIT CloudDB ; that database can store png/jpg images that are smaller than 5mb directly.

There are other ways.

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@SteveJG Are there any tutorials or links that you can attach that can show me how to store an image in CloudDB or using the Base 64 extension?

Hallo Ich habe einen Fehler in Ihrem Code entdeckt:

So ist es richtig:

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Using CloudDB you can do this

So geht es, sogar in der Companion

I left the 'Value to Store' section blank because I did not know how to store an image. Even if I do what you said, the image won't store in TinyDB because TinyDB can not store images.

Thank you! It worked!

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TinyDB stores the paths to your images, which should be fine for your purposes


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Dann weiß ich auch nicht... Bei mir hat so alles funktioniert... Aber wenn es mit der CloudDB geht, ist ja alles gut

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