How do I start an app with data attached on start up?

How would one go about starting an app with data, like an old fashioned command line method;
c:/appName (dataSentIn)_
Cheers anyone...

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Load a file to the assets (media folder), then use the file component to read the file on Screen Initialise and do something with it once read in ?

Or do you mean something different?

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Yeah, pretty much. I am exploring different ways to share data without a cloud presence. (Security and whatnot. I was hoping for a less user dependant method, via text, or email, being able to draw in a text for example.

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Why another account? Only one is needed. Which one shall we delete?

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A different account due to a regretable aspect of mental health issues. We can delete the other one, the one with a carpentry reference.

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Do you mean @Charley_Nelson ???

yes, not this one. carpentry reference is in the email that you do not see.

OK, now then, do you still need help with your original question?

that's the one where I want to drag data into an app on startup, correct?
Yes, I could always use some help.
I am going towards the method to pick up a text and manipulate the data if a sentinel is detected and verified. (Just in case it picks up every text that comes into the device.)

I have tried, webDB, CloudDB and writing back and forth to a gsheet(s) and files. Although the data is benign, a certain level of privacy is always deserved.

The other method (which I learned back in the 90's with c++,) was to create a direct connection with a single device using macs and/or IPs. The problem is that IPs are floating and devices are different animals than hard-wired rg45 towers. (I will venture down that crazy path just to say I did... )

cheers mate


I have no idea what you are talking about :wink:

no worries, it's old school command line stuff, long before windows, android mac os &c... even DOS in some cases, unix, cobol, fortran etc...
remember when everything started with;
C:/_ dir

You could type in the name of the program (application) and then type in the same command the name of a file, when the program opened, it automatically opened the file.
C:/ word coding.doc

would open word and automatically open the file "coding.doc".
Or conversely you could enter encrypted codes to unlock certain aspects of the software. (?help, 2, pop)

Yes, I remember all of that, teleprinters to a mainframe at a University somewhere :slight_smile:

Seems my original suggestion still stands firm then, you just want to load a data file when the app starts. Use the file component to do that.

all right, cheers. I will work towards that.

Study the docs on the Activity Starter component.

They discuss the Start value a bit, for when you want to start an AI2 app from another AI2 app.

start an app from an app... theres a thing...

Cheers ABG