How do I split text in a label?

So to summarize:

I'm creating an app that will store (name, phone and email) in a list and wanted it to appear in the list under labels. I believe that a look at the code and everything will be simpler, this is my second time asking for help here and as well as the first I hope you all can help me. Thanks.

Agenda.aia (6.7 KB)

Post your relevant blocks instead.

Here are two errors to start you off:

  • You can't (and shouldn't) use a list as a TinyDB tag
  • You can't (and shouldn't) split a list.

Also, why /t ?
You don't use it elsewhere in your blocks.

Here it is

The overall thing is working, so let's focus on my main problem please. These little things I can fix later, thank you though.

This answers your question:


Guys here is what I wanted to do, tried to follow the guy but... Meh clearly didn't work :sweat_smile:

Could you elaborate how I would use these blocks? I am not really sure. I mean, it seem that it would work so I wanna try it