How do I simulate SMS Received?

Salut @vidalv,
je suis en accord avec toi, le SMS envoyé par ton Arduino est très simple. Mais si tu veux recevoir quelque chose de plus "compliqué"...:slight_smile: tu peux utiliser un truc comme celui-ci:

Definitely agreed: the SMS sent by your Arduino is quite simple, but whether you want to receive something more "complicated" you could use something like:

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Thanks @uskiara for example. I am at the beginning of use AI2 and discover the syntax of this code. In the Arduino prototype there are multiple areas with specific actions, for the moment I analyse the message manually, but with an App it becomes more complicated. Does it exit a function that extracts a "keyword" of a sentence? Like receiving SMS with: "State On, Heat On, Water Off, Pump Off" ? I see there is a TinyDB is it easy to use or I'm on wrong way ?

Hello @vidalv,
what I use to parse the message sent via SMS by my Arduino is the following
The SMS sent by my Arduino (I use it as a home-heating system remote controller) is composed by several parts. To select a spedific part of the message, first of all I check if the desired segment exists into the overall string. If the pointer of the wanted segment is different from 0, (this means that the segment exists) I use this pointer to extract the segment and then I compare it with the keyword wanted (i.e. "R1_" in my code). If the text matches, then the relevant action is taken, otherwise the "else" part is executed. I believe that is more complicated to explain it rather than reading my code :slight_smile:

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Hi @uskiara Thanks for the example, if I understand everything (not sure) just in the SMS message there is either TM= or R1_ to validate the pointer and hug stock!
I will test, thank you again.

Dear @vidalv,
tu peux trouver en pièce jointe le .aia de mon project.
TermoControl.aia (1.6 MB)
J'espère qu'il puisse t'aider.
Le nom de quelque variable est en Italien (je suis de Turin) mais je crois que tu puisses le comprendre sans pbm. :smirk:
Bonne chance et bonnes vacances.
Ciao, Ugo.

Ciao Hugo, grazie mille !
Thanks a lot for the code, I now have your hands full.
As you know : Rome was not built in a day.
Encore merci pour le support !

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Pas de quoi Vincent !!!
Si tu aura besoin de quelque explication sur mon Arduino code, n'hesite pas à m'écrire.
Bon travail (et bonne chance).
Salut, Ugo :v: