How do I show the parameter of a field?


I am playing with the speed adjustment of the Ball Flung blocks.
How do I show or get the speed of the ball? What I meant is I am using the "get speed" block to flung the ball but I would to know what is the "actual" value of the speed so I can make adjustment based on the actual numbers.

See screenshot, I have set the ball to the speed block provided in the actual flung block:

This is not just for the ball flung but for any other things in app inventor.
For example other coding programs we can output the speed to the screen so we know what's the current value.

I am on Version: code36
Companion: 2.50



You can either put a Label somewhere on your screen and set its text to the value(s) of interest or you can add a Notifier and use its ShowAlert method to present the value(s) as a temporary overlay on the screen.

Thanks @ewpatton that's easy can't believe I never think of that..

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