How do I show sublist in listview and save list to sublist?

How to show sublist ini listview , cause it show parentheses

and how save list to sublist . ? i want to save list from list3 to new sublist on list2 thank you
this is my block

Do you mean, you want to save the list data to local storage

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You appear to have your blocks correct to add list3 to list2 as a sublist....

using copy list ensures that list3 remains untouched by any changes to list2.

Here is one way to remove the parentheses.....(there are many approaches to this, depends what you want to do)



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Here is a procedure for TimAI2's sample ...

Give it a table (list of lists) and it returns a .Elements list suitable for use with a ListView or List Picker, where each .Selection value can be converted back into a list using the list from csv row block.

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Thank you this helped me. :grinning: :grinning:

thank you :grinning:

no just i dont want to save to local database , but i have found the solutin. thank you :grinning:

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