How do I show a text cursor to a ReadOnly textbox?

How can I show a cursor to readOnly textbox?

This is important as I am making a custom keyboard

You can't. You have to remove the read only checkbox/property. Then this makes the android keyboard show up. You can hide this with the Hide keyboard block.

It is possible to use a label instead of a textbox, and set a "cursor" in the text, but the blocks are complex and the user experience is not great.

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But then I need a textbox click event. It comes also when clicking the textbox. Just now I tested with companion. How can I have a click event? Can you please also help me with that. So I can add that hide keyboard block...

Have a button, disguised as a TextBox - on click, hide the button, show the TextBox (Or Label).


With this extension you can add click event on textbox


Use a clock timer to hide the keyboard while the textbox is in edit mode/has focus. It will flash on the the screen. Remember to turn off the clock when focus is lost/editing finished.

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I think the structure is like this... :


are my blocks correct?

No, because you do not start the clock :wink:

You would also need another textbox to take the focus in order to stop the clock.


I've got one question - when will you fire the Clock1. Timer event?

EDIT: I see you fixed it now.

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@TIMAI2 I fixed the blocks!

But one question. Why does the textbox appear for 1 second and then go away? Maybe it's because of the companion, right?

@Gordon_Lu The timer is fired when the TextBox is in edit mode!

Following on from @ChrisWard 's suggestion about using a button, here is a small example
buttonastext.aia (2.7 KB)

There is no blocks keyboard to edit the text but you should see how it works. Another button is needed to close the textbox.

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Couldn't Button2 actually be a 'when TextBox lost focus' Block?

Actually, it's not a solution - every time you edit the text, the keyboard still 'flashes up', 'call TextBox HideKeyboard' needs to behave differently - Hide until enabled (by code instead of event).

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You would need an extension for that.

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Can you please suggest me an extension then?

@ChrisWard already has....:wink:

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Yeah :smiley: . But wish someone creates one as @ChrisWard suggested :slight_smile: ...