How do I share the highscore that is being saved in the Tiny DB?

can you please guide how to share the high score that is being saved in the Tiny DB.

Return the list(?) from the tinydb, and get the max value in the list.

Share the score with who? To share a high score with other users of your game, the score needs to be posted to a database that your app can read from. Possibilities include a FirebaseDB, a CloudDB , TinyWebDB or a GoogleSpreadsheet on your Google Drive or you can send the score via Texting or an eMail with a specific individual.

A possibility

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I want to share the high score using the sharing component along with the text

If you want to get high scrore or low score then wait for some hours because I create an extension for this

com.faraz.Lists.aix (3.8 KB)

are all scores in the list?

From my "game" screen, I am storing the highest score in Tiny DB, Tag Highscore, by comparing the current score with the highest score and then storing it again in the tiny DB.
Now, I want to retrieve this value from Tiny DB in another screen - the "Game over" screen and show it there.
How to access the tiny DB value in the "Game over " screen.

to do that you just need to add the tinydb component in the gameover screen and then you only need to take the value with the same tag, for example you store the value with the tag "score" then you have to take the value with the tag "score" in the gameover screen.

In ScreenGame:

In ScreenGameOver:
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