How do I share an app project with other people?

I'm making an app with a team of people, but we're struggling to find a way to edit the same project at the same time. Is there a way to post it in the gallery so some people can edit it? Or to creat a shared link?

There are sections of Screens and Blocks that can be exported, traded around, and dragged back into the Designer and Blocks Editor.

If you highlight a Screen or Arrangement in the Designer and do a copy (Ctrl-C) on it, a Ctrl-V in Notepad would capture a long string of text that could be pasted into another Designer session (Ctrl-V).

That paste would bring along the Screen components and their events.

To get procedures and global init blocks, you could right click and download .png images that could be dragged into other Blocks Editor windows. (Do not edit them. It would break them)

Designate one team member as the integrator, who keeps the current master copy while others build parts to add.

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