How do I share a drawing from canvas?

I tried to implement file sharing blocks and tested the apk but my drawing from canvas is not getting the canvas background image sharing option, could there be any bugs in my canvas

Post a picture, we cannot imagine how it looks,

Check the images attached and do let me know

You need to save the canvas as a file, then share that.

Can you share Canvas saving and sharing blocks

Yes, this works,
Thank you

I am also trying to save the Canvas image to camera roll, but it's just giving me a path and no saves

You may need to set the absolute path to the image file...

I will try it

I tried your way, but I am still just getting the path and drawing is not saving

To save a canvas you have to use the Canvas.SaveAs method as it already has been said...
You can't share the canvas without saving it first


I have go it how to share the Canvas, now I am looking for how to save the Canvas in camera roll, see the attached blocks


This will save the canvas as an image to your ASD. To make it viewable in the gallery you will need to copy it to a shared Folder, and then probably refresh the gallery, using the block from Taifun's Tools extension.

I did not get you

What is the image filename you are trying to load?

Is it:






something else. You need to get the path and filename correct for it to display in the canvas.

I will try it

What about answering @TIMAI2 's question? So what is the correct path?

Not yet tried,