How do I set my microphone input to Bluetooth device

I am using this extension GitHub - G10DRAS/WavSoundRecorderExtension: Wav Sound Recorder Extension for App Inventor 2
to record
but seems like it doesn't change the microphone input to bt device when it's connected

I want to autoswitch between
i can't find anything related
with my research

I tried adding those new Nearby Devices drama permissions
just by adding Bluetooth Client component
still no luck.

I also changed to extension by Django
and that too doesn't work.

Pretty certain that the extension you are using will not record the sound coming from a different device. Its main functionality is to record to wav, instead of 3gp.

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to be certain
I don't care about audio format,
what I am trying to achieve is:
get the sound from external device
in a high quality 44khz preferred, and on stereo channel.

any help would be appreciated,
thank you :heart:

What is the "bluetooth device" doing with any sound it records?

It may help if you provide more details about the hardware you are using and how you are connecting...

umm my purpose here
is to record a sound from bluetooth stethoscope and store it
for medical research purposes.

I also checked it on my earbuds
no luck

on my google recorder, both works fine.
it exports .m4a