How do I set a link on this site?

G'Day again,
I put an 'non-working' link to my website here a week or so ago,to offer a file download. It now works...from my testing. So, just to be sure, exactly what format to post here so it is recognised as a link and not just a website addy?
Eddie B

Please explain more what you want to say

Are you talking about Hyperlinks? You can click on this button in the editor:
Conversely, you could just select the address and press Ctrl+K.

Thanks, Faraz. I think the problem is solved. I was having issues to have a link on this site to a file on my old website for download, though it worked when I accessed it it did NOT work from elsewhere. I think I put in wrong HREF references. I re-did the html on my site and I think it now works. As soon as the site is accessed the file download appears. As soon as I organise a new site the old one will be taken down. But thanks for asking.


Hi Nishyanth, I had already tried your suggestion but it did not work!
Eddie b