How do I separate app users?

I made an app in MIT but whenever any one sign in , it opens the same information to everyone, if one type 2 it will show to everyone. How can I make deferent platform for every users so they can do deferent things.

Post a screenshot of your blocks - sign in/login procedure - in order to get help

There are lots of ways a developer can restrict use of parts of an app.

Learn to use conditional statements Programming Your App to Make Decisions .

In Screen1.Initialize allow different users different privilege's based on how your log in screen works or use a 'password' to allow opening different virtual screens.

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I've just uploaded the login block screenshot, see it and tell me what to do.

Under the tag for your user, create another tag called data (just put 0 as a value to start with).

This tag and its contents can then only be reached using the username and the data tags, e.g.


Write your blocks so that a user can only access this tag to store/retrieve data