How do I send video to email without the knowledge of the user?

Good day, Please I'm working on a school project that need me to send video to email without the knowledge of the user. I don't know if you can help me out with an extension
that can do something of such.

try one of these solutions


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Thanks for your response. I've tried the SMTP which is not delivering the email to the recipient. And I also tried use us the Trigger IFTTT to send an email using App Inventor option which I can't find a way to attach my video to it also. I will go through the remaining option.

Also see in here

That's a very strange requirement by your school Samson - I'm going to assume it really means 'send a video via email automatically with minimal input from the User'. Of course the User should know they are sending an email, and to whom.

Like, I'm taking a screen record of the app while the user is performing activity and send it to an email, I'm build a company a prototype where user will be aware graphs been generated is been forwarded to an email. I'm thinking of sending the video without asking the user to do that. The users works is just to open the app and perform graphing duty.

Well, the User will know about that automation then since they will still need to prime the App with information - not least of which would be the email address the video should be sent to. Note that video files become large rather quickly, so you need a few tests to ensure they do not exceed any email file size limitations. For example, gMail limits attachments to a total of 25MB.