How do I send newlines & tab characters to IFTTT?

I am trying to send some formatted text to IFTTT - the text in question is the body of an email.
I am using a join block to create the message body. I have tried both \t and \n to get tabs and newlines but IFTTT send back an error.
The IFTTT email send works fine without these but the message body is very difficult to read.
Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

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Show the raw content of an example message.

Looks like you are sending JSON to IFTTT, therefore the message will need to be in a correct JSON format on the value side of the key pair. You may need to be using some escape characters....

Study the example provided by @Taifun , especially the body part

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Ah, so the message needs to be in html format (no tabs then...):

&nbsp for a non breaking space

<br> for a line return/break

Thanks all for your responses.
Taifun's example is what I have working - but is a simple piece of text - no formatting.
Tried html tags - & that did the trick
Thanks TIMA12

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