How do I send a constant stream of characters during a button press

When I press the forward button I want it to send a constant stream of ‘F’ to the Bluetooth and a constant stream of ‘S’ when I let off of the button. Please keep in mind I am very new to app-inventor

There are a few ways to do this using the button events. Look at touchdown, touchup, and possibly longPress.
Use a timer to keep checking the status of the button and send the code if still pressed.
1 - on touchDown start the timer
2 - timer checks button status. If still pressed send code
3 - when the button is no longer pressed stop the timer and therefore stop sending the codes.

This above method works but it is not the best solution, it will likely mean a flood of data being sent over Bluetooth which may overflow the receiver and make it unresponsive.

A better solution would be change how the receiver works and use code to start and stop events.
Use button down and button up codes. When the button is pressed send “F” and when the button is released send “f”.
F means forward and keep going forward until a new code is received. “f” means stop going forward.
Less codes/data would make the receiver more responsive.