How do I select many text box like a Group?

Goodmorning everyone!
I would like to make sure that when I select certain Text Boxes, it will send me an answer.
I tried to do it this way and it works (see image), but since there are many Text Boxes (20), can they be put in a "group"?

Hi Carlo

In the Blocks Palette, right at the bottom, you will find "Any component". You can use the "Any TextBox" Blocks to process a group of TextBoxes.

You say your code is working but if Ing1 GotFocus, it must already be enabled so the 'else' should not be required.

Hi Chris and thanks for the reply!
I explained myself badly (actually very badly)! :slight_smile:
I tried with "AnyComponent" but it gives me the notification for all TextBoxes.
Here, I would like the notification to be given only for certain TextBoxes using AnyComponent.

Collect the textbox components you want into a list in a global init variable block.

TextBoxGroup.aia (2.1 KB)

Resolved! Many thanks Chris! :slight_smile:

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