How do I save multiple rows at once to airtable?

Please if someone can help me
Is it possible to save multiple rows at once to airtable in app inventor?
In normal code with an array variable (variable (x)) it is very easy, but in app inventor I don't know how to do it.
Can somebody help me?

convert row 1,column 1 to list then upload
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MIT AI2 has no airtable components, but it can support a limitted bulk load using the airtable REST API. Here is an excerpt from the API Help for my sample PizzaTransactions table ...

Create PizzaTransactions records

To create new records, issue a POST request to the PizzaTransactions endpoint.

Your request body should include an array of up to 10 record objects. Each of these objects should have one key, fields , which contains all of your record's cell values by field name. You can include all, some, or none of the field values.

Returns an array of record objects created if the call succeeded, including record IDs which will uniquely identify the records within AirPizza.

Unfortunately, there will be no Update support until MIT implements the http Patch block.

Thank you both for your response.
I find it difficult. I'll see

Use this extension

Thanks for the extension. Great job
How is the Filter syntax of this method?
Can you give an example?

If you want to add row data, no need to use filter.
Use the INSERT method, with a list of dictionary.

Thanks for answering.
Now I want to delete a row with the DELETE method, but I don't know the syntax of the FILTER parameter
I have tried "Column = data" but it doesn't work
Please, how is the syntax?