How do i ROTATE a component?

Hello, im using Landscape mode to bulit an app.. but i would like to rotate a button to be do i do that?

This link might help you: Using App Inventor extensions to implement rotation (

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i didnt quite undestand what am i supposed to do... can you help?

Hello, @Xispitojm are you looking for this one,

A button to spin between options.

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no, i just would like to rotate a button...

Instead of using a button you can use a clickable label with the help of

and rotate label


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actually, i would like to rotate a slide component.. is it still possible?


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Do you want slider button to be rotated

Is it?

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You would either need to use the Rotate Component extension, or draw your own Slider using a Canvas and Sprite.

You don't have to rotate a Button, you can define the shape as required and if it needs to have a text label, that can be done with an image.

Edit: Actually, the best solution looks to be Juan Antonio's extension, as suggested by Patryk.

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Next time Marcos, please be more specific in your Topic description.


Yeah, im very sorry


Do you need slider to be vertical or it to be rotated to some specific angle.

I think it can be your solution

Please be more precise. Thanks

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i want it to be vertical

Ok, then you can go for it.

It would be great, if you search fourm which is already full of solutions to try/experiment with them.

Since there are two things, 1. one is slider which is used to scroll screen left-right or to scroll down or up. 2. Slider button for yes or no answer.

What you are talking about?

You can provide some screen or even some hand drawn scratch of your requirements.

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I would like a slide where i scroll up and down

You could try this: MakeViewUp Extension: beautify & customize android views - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

You can use the .rotate function to rotate the slider, but you'll still have to code it in such a way as if it's still horizontal.

Then use this

it was posted by @ChrisWard earlier

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Here another extension for rotate Layout:

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OMG thank you so much!! it worked :smiley: