How do I retrieve all data from Firebase?

Hello, my name is Oliver and I'm creating an app for a senior design project in high school. I have made it this far with forums and all, but I need to figure out how to retrieve every single value under a certain child in firebase so that I could display it on a screen. This is my code and firebase date so far, I'm just clueless on how to get all the data because the tags are going to be different and the same at certain points. The covered part is a user, and each user in the firebase has foods that are listed under their account. I just need to get all of the values so that I could display them on labels, so putting them in a list would be ideal.

Welcome to the community, to call all subtags for each tag you have to set you ProjectBucket to that tag and then get all subtags. For example

So at that point, I can add everything to a list, right? Another thing, can I also get the tag too with this method so I could have both values to separate the foods into categories?

Once you have the data in a List and saved as a List in Firebase, you can do all kinds of things with the data.


if you save the data as a List, you don't need to save it individually under a Tag. You should be able to pull the data out of the Firebase tag you save the list under. :slight_smile:

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