How do I remove spaces in text in a List sourced using the SpeechRecognizer?

Good afternoon
Everything works very well for me, but now I want to try to delete the blank spaces in the numbers, but I can't, I can only get it to do everything or nothing, do you have any ideas?
I'll give you an example

When I press new, the listview opens and begins to write as I speak in different lines with the separation, when I press correct it eliminates the spaces but it always eliminates them and I don't know how to avoid it

Show an example of "text with spaces" and then show how it should look....

use the replace all text block
see the documentation at: MIT App Inventor Text Blocks

...or use RegEx

One way, perhaps, in your dictionary change the number blocks for text blocks and after the number add an unlikely character, e.g. | > 1|, 2|, 3| etc.

Then as @NishyanthKumar says, use a replace all text block only on that character....

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changed number block for text box in the following way
behind the number in letter there is a space uno dos tres
and I replace it with 1 2 3

and now work fine
thanks in advanced

Is it possible to make an automatic carriage return at the end of each line of the listview?
Now to do it I use the word fin and replace it with \n

thanks in advanced


sorry but i dont know where i have to write that code .
i attach my code to see if you can tell me where to put it .

  • first time : push button " nueva "


  • third :

  • fourth : push button " corregir "


solved, I have added what is in the red box and it now makes it automatic

thanks for your help

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