How do I remove spaces from string? (tried replace all)


I want to return internal spaces in a string so "foo bar moo" becomes "foobarmoo".

I thought "replace all text" would work but not sure what to put for the replacement. I want to say replace " " with "" but not sure how to enter "". Is theer another way to do this?


Just use an empty text block

Yes how do I define an empty text block?

Just drag it out from the palette, no need to put anything in it. Simples :slight_smile:

isnt' that a blank space and not an empty text block?


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Hello Angela

It's empty, but you are far from the first person to expect it to be a blank space - it looks exactly that! :frowning_face:

In a future release we are going to have some system constants and I expect a dedicated block that is a space character could be one of them.

The blocks editor trims the trailing blank off a new text block, unfortunately.
It does allow you to redo the text in the block later, to force a trailing blank.
Wiggle the text cursor in the text block contents to verify there's a blank there.