How do I remove "\" of firebase data?

Thank you for the suggestion! But I also need the “Persist” property of FirebaseDB component. Is “Persist” possible with Web component? Thanks again!

The best that can be offered, I believe…

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I’ll work on that. Really appreciate your help!!

how do you do, remove "/" if used it firebaseDB

give me tutorial TT need help :sob:

Never try to do it though when u upload text and see in db it contains \ when u again get it there won't be \ so no issue also these \ is a good pros on firebase DB because a single text upload return the same but when a multi line para upload and if there is no \ in db then when we receive we get para convert to a huge single line so I finally conclude \ is important and doesn't matter no need to remove it \ means a formater
\\ means next underneath line

It all depends on how you structure your data for firebase, and when it returns to the app. If you, as a developer, know you are working without the \, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Ya but on my side I made a para reader app so I need database admin upload para client receive it so at times it was helpful in case of remove I don't have sure idea but maybe we can convert out text to JSON object or array I am not sure then we can upload just a guess

I am facing same issue even in ai2, when i store string "on" in google Firebase, it gets stored as ""on"", i could not find solution for this.

Then do not store on with quotes around it.

I mean i just store on, but Firebase show its "\on"

If you are using the AI2 firebase component, it should store on as \"on\", directly storing using the console will store "on"

Yes you are right it store on as \"on\", any solution to store only on in firebase?

Use the web component and firebase REST API, as linked further up in this topic

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Ok thanks, let me try it.

Hello @AppaSy_MIT
ive solved with a workaround it not removes the "" but you can keep comparing things i leave a screen capture on how i've done... hope it helps!

this is inside of firebase got value and using json utils extension

Thank you for your contribution. You have shown that this may well work in Kodular.

Please show that this also works with App Inventor blocks (for example: there is no Device_Utilities component in AI2)

From what I can see, this will not stop the firebase component surrounding a string with \s...?


Hi, exactly it doesn't remove the "\" and yes i was making an app in kodular at the time i saw this post and simply wanted to contribute for anyone who need, even to use this component in appinventor will be the same except for the "deviceid", but the way for comparing the string returned from firebase is the same

I still do not see how your "workaround" in any way resolves the questioner's problem of firebase storing text with \" characters at either end, when using the AI2 firebase component? Perhaps I am missing something ?

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