How do I remove a specific item in list in a CloudDB?

I made a list that saves every name that has been registered on a sign-up page. Right now I'm trying to make the deletion of account button, but I see that there is no option to remove a specific item in a list in CloudDB. How can I delete a name that was before saved in a list of the CloudDB? The only similar block I see is call CloudDB.removeFirstFromList block

Without seeing exactly how you store data, it sounds like you need to bring the list into your app, modify it, then return it to clouds. Not the best if you have concurrent users doing the same thing

This adds every user that has registered on the app to a list in the CloudDB (sorry the clouddb1 to get the value in the first picture should be clouddb3)

while this is the code to delete an account

If you are not "too far in" to your app, consider creating a cloudDB for users, with each user having their own tag/value. Then you can easily delete a single tag.

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