How do I remove a particular index when I don't know the number?

Hi there, so I created a list that's going to be updated as people answer. Then I reversed it so the most recently asked questions can be updated. Now, I want the first row which has now become the last row to be deleted. How do I do this? Even though I can count the position, that will temporarily solve it because more items would be added to the list

Delete the first item in the list before it is reversed (again) ?

That's what I did. I deleted it, then added the reverse block afterwards. Howver it still showed. So I set the listview to reverse the order of the lists. Do you think I should set the entire variable. That is, the global create variable?

You will need to do it with the list (which is stored as a variable). Then remember to update your listview Elements from the reversed list.

Thank You. It worked.

Pleased to hear it :+1:

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