How do I reduce time saving data in firebase and after in google sheets

Hello everyone

I created an application that allows you to track the execution of different tasks
in a site by different users on their devices everyone can see the changes in real time it works then I send the data in a google sheets spreadsheet and the return in the application is slower than if I were just using firebase

what are the avenues that I should consider so that the use of google sheets is as transparent as possible


Firebase is super quick compared to google sheets in terms of responses time (although google sheets isn't all that bad)

I guess we would really need you to expose your workflow to fully understand what you are doing before we could make any suggestions. Perhaps an example or two....


thank you for your response so quick in the way of firebase
in fact I explored different solutions the best would be to synchronize firebase and google sheets but I have to resort to the use of node.js and I do not know
another solution would be to send the data to google sheets independently like printing a report
What do you think ?

You shouldn't have to use node.js......

Some useful links:

thanks for all these links but they all seem out of my reach even using google translator

nevertheless I will try with this link: []

unfortunately it is not detailed enough for me

Consider why you need to use Firebase and Google Sheets to store data for your app ?

Also it may be easier to call in the data from Firebase to your app, then upload the data to Google Sheets ?

Depends on your workflow.....