How do I put multiple or,=,and,... in the one If function?

How to put multiple or,=,and,... in the one If function.
If labeltext1=A or B or C
then labeltext2=ok

In the logic function =,and,or......i have only one field and no more.

You could put A,B,C in a little list and test is LabelText in list


If labeltext1=A or
 labeltext1= B or
labeltext1= C
using the **or ** block's blue [mutator]( button to add sockets.

Yet another alternative:

if labeltext = A then
elseif labeltext = B then
elseif labeltext=c then

if you want to handle the three options differently. Use the if/then blue mutator to add extra branches as needed.

Use the "or" block, it's in the logic block drawer.

I made it only with else if

But I can not do it with list or with or block
You can write an example block code?

I wrote the following with a list but it does not work



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How to you write
Καταγραφή ?
I try but I can not. Only the following I managed to write
What am I doing wrong?

Add parameters using a mutator


Thank you very match :+1: :grinning:
Thank you very much. I had not seen input x

and how exactly will I use them? Can you write a small example?


Let's see if you can assemble a simple kit.
blocks (3) blocks (2) blocks (1) blocks controls_if logic_operation

These are exactly the blocks you need, all draggable.

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Here is another kit to try, with a different approach.
Don't mix pieces with the other kit.
blocks (3)


thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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