How do I put an element in the listpicker that the person clicks and open more elements of an array

I want to make a list of pending orders where the name of customers who have already placed orders should appear, clicking on a customer name will open the order that must have all the order information. So basically I have a screen where there is a listpicker which is a button, and the elements are from a list where I select the index 0 (the client's name) the problem is that I don't know how to do it so that when I click on one of these elements it opens another one list (I don't want it to open a new screen) with the elements of that same list.


here below is another screen that registers orders, here a list is being made

If your app only work on your own cellphone, you can use the tinyDB to store data.

username as the tag, other user information (in a list) as the value.

GetTags will return the list of users.

Use listpicker selection (as tag) to get the user detail information.

Indexes in AI2 lists start at 1